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It is our mission to provide comprehensive and evidence-based treatment in an environment enriched with compassion, respect, and dignity for individuals, their families, and the community.

Our Mission

Hopes Horizon Recovery Center Outside View

At Hope’s Horizon, we believe in family. While we are treating the patient for their addiction, we also provide support to their loved ones who have been affected by the disease.

“Great place to go for treatment, staff is professional and helpful.”   Joe D.   2017

“My experience in dealing with Hope’s was amazing. I have referred a few people I know that needed help and I will continue to do so”.  Veronica K.  2016

“I came to Hope’s Horizon looking for support and counsel. The love and care I have received is overwhelming. I have done IOP in the past and they were good, but this place really has gone above and beyond. Every employee goes out of their way to show you how much they care. As I ponder my future, I really believe I will be successful, and I owe a lot to these folks”.   Michael C.   2016

“Hope’s Horizon changed my life. I have 60 days clean and sober. I am so grateful to this place in my recovery. Hope’s is family and will always be. Ill never forget it”.   Katie R  2018

“Not only detox my body but my mind and spirit. In two weeks I gained a lot of mental strength and met some wonderful people…highly suggested you guys”.  Iesha S.  2018

Welcome to Hope’s Horizon

Established in 2016, Hopes Horizon is a privately-owned, family-focused Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center located in Baltimore County, Maryland.  Licensed by the State of Maryland, our team of experienced counselors, therapists, and allied-health professionals are dedicated to fostering positive change for the individuals we treat.  There are many lives impacted by the disease of addiction, and we are inspired each and every day by the healing power of recovery.

Our program includes individual counseling and psycho-educational group sessions for both men and women.  Our topic specific groups focus on the many aspects of recovery, including relapse prevention, life skills, and supportive education for families.  In addition, we offer state-certified DUI/DWI educational classes approved by the Motor Vehicle Administration.

We thank you for your interest in Hope’s Horizon as a trusted provider of treatment for the disease of addiction, and consider it a privilege to guide you along a path best-suited to your own recovery.

The journey starts here.


Our Services

Ambulatory Alcohol & Benzodiazepine Detox

In many cases, the physical withdrawal symptoms experienced by those dependent on alcohol and/or benzodiazapenes require medical intervention and should not be done alone. A person struggling with a dependence on these substances will need a safe, comfortable environment, where their progress can be measured by an experienced physician.  Detoxification from alcohol and benzodiazapenes typically lasts from 7 to 21 days.

Following assessment, our staff will establish an individualized medication protocol for the individual in need.  Patients admitted to our detox program are provided lunch and remain on-site for several hours so that our trained medical staff can monitor their symptoms and make as-needed adjustments to their medication regimen.  In their detoxification process, someone may experience more severe withdrawal symptoms or present with heightened medical concerns.  In these rare cases, our team will coordinate a referral to a higher level of care that is based on the presenting needs of the patient.  We value patient welfare in the highest regard.

Ambulatory Opiate Detox

Withdrawal from heroin, prescription pain medications, and other opiate substances, can result in a wide range of physical discomfort for opiate dependent individuals.  Upon evaluation by our physician, a patient will engage in an individualized titration schedule best-suited to their needs.  To ensure the utmost comfort and safety during this time, our nursing staff will assist our physician in the monitoring of any withdrawal symptoms.

Traditional Outpatient Treatment (TOP)

For patients without medical complications that are assessed at a lower risk of relapse and/or withdrawal, Hope’s Horizon offers our Traditional Outpatient Program (TOP).  In this level of care, a patient is evaluated to be relatively stable and in need of additional support while making the necessary changes in his or her life. Our TOP offers a flexible schedule that includes a blend of up to 9 hours per week of group and individual counseling sessions, for a minimum of 4 weeks.  Morning, afternoon, and evening group schedules are available.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

For those needing additional structure and support in their early recovery, Hope’s Horizon offers a 12-week Intensive Outpatient program. In addition to biweekly meetings with their Primary Counselor, a patient engaged in IOP services will typically participate in 3-hour group sessions for at least three days per week.

Our Intensive Outpatient program offers a chance for a person to foster independence from their addiction; to cultivate a new-found sense of self. Our treatment philosophy upholds the evidence-based practices of the Matrix Model, which encourage positive change within the patient as a whole.

Group sessions offered in this level of care are centered in Relapse Prevention, and include topic-specific groups in these related areas: Vocational/Life Skills, Co-Occurring Disorders, Mindfulness, Interpersonal Relationships, Grief and Loss, Family Dynamics, Anger Management, Trauma, Health in Recovery, and 12-Step Exploration.

Clinical Assessments

Treatment at Hope’s Horizon begins with a full clinical assessment by a state-certified alcohol & drug counselor. During the assessment process, we will gain insight into the biomedical, sociological, and psychological history of the individual seeking treatment for their addiction. Based on the information provided to us during the assessment, our team will provide evaluation and offer the most appropriate level of services, which are aligned with the individual’s presenting needs.

Partial Hospitalization

Currently our highest level of care, Hope’s Horizon offers our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) to those patients with a higher potential for relapse. These individuals are often in need of more intense case management and medically-monitored treatment. In additional to weekly individual sessions with their Primary Counselor, patients enrolled in PHP, and engage in 6-hours of daily group therapy, 7 days per week. Patients should bring lunch and snacks. Depending on individual needs, patients typically participate in this program for up to 4 weeks, before beginning treatment at the Intensive Outpatient level.

Group sessions within this level of care are highly-focused on the critical skills needed during the vulnerable stages of early recovery. These skills include identifying behavioral triggers and thought patterns, learning personal coping skills, and implementing positive-reinforcement strategies that foster the continued motivation that is necessary to sustain long-term recovery.

Family Involvement

At Hope’s Horizon, we believe in family. During individual treatment, family members who are seeking support in learning to mend their important relationships are offered family involvement sessions. These sessions are focused on family-oriented goals that are specific to the loved ones in the individual’s life. We also provide family educational sessions in order to raise awareness and understanding of addiction-related topics. Rebuilding trust and positive connections is profoundly beneficial to the recovery process, and we are happy to be there with you every step of the way.

Addiction is a devastating illness. Many people enter treatment with little or no support, and despite wanting help, can feel isolated and scared. We are so inspired by the courage we see in anyone who takes their first step with us. During treatment, our staff will help to guide you in creating a support system within your community, that stands in relation to your own personal goals.

DUI/DWI Education Classes

We now offer 6-week DUI/DWI Education Classes that are certified by the State of Maryland and approved by the Motor Vehicle Administration. These classes are designed for individuals that must meet legal obligations that may re-instate their driving privileges. Individuals will complete an initial assessment before beginning the class.

Aftercare Services

Upon successful completion of treatment, patients are encouraged to engage in Hope’s Horizon’s Aftercare Program. Individuals in this stage have learned and implemented the skills necessary to maintain a lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol, and will typically meet with their Primary Counselor on a biweekly or monthly basis. Patients who wish to continue medically-monitored suboxone treatment following successful completion will be required to remain engaged in counseling services in order to remain in the care of our physician. Upon completion of treatment, individuals will meet with their Primary Counselor in order to determine the best aftercare plan for their needs.

Free Transportation

In keeping with our mission and goal to provide top notch professional services, we now offer free transportation to our recovery house and treatment center.    Contact us for more details at 443-725-4062 or use our convenient chat feature to speak with someone or send a message. Don’t let the lack of a ride keep you from taking that first step on your journey to recovery.

Insurance Information

Hope’s Horizon accepts MARYLAND MEDICAID and is in-network with


We are out of network with all other insurance companies.

Private insurance and cash payments are accepted.

Individual payment plans are available on an as-needed basis.

Sliding-Scale and financing are available to those who qualify.

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