The path to getting sober and drug-free is never the same for two people. Here at Hope’s Horizon, we aim to guide our clients in a journey best-suited to their own personal recovery. We offer individualized treatment plans that pinpoint meaningful goals in all the areas of their lives that were damaged by addiction. We believe the process of therapy to be an essential part of recovery. As our clients begin reclaiming independence from the impact of their disease, profound change can begin to unfold within their lives. We are inspired by the healing power of recovery, and are proud to see new positive changes in every patient, as they embrace the rewarding spiritual freedom that comes with a sober lifestyle.

The disease of addiction is thought to be connected to a number of biological and psychosocial processes, including complex physical/emotional trauma, genetics, living environment, social connection, and neuro-chemical processes within various parts of the brain. At Hope’s Horizon, we do not label someone an “addict” based on their illness. Individuals who come to us for the treatment of their disease will be cared for with the highest levels of empathy and concern. There is a self-identity to be reached outside of the words, “S/he’s an addict.” Treatment at Hope’s Horizon is provided by a team that sees your potential and believes you can succeed. We hope there is a day on the horizon in which the immense stigma of addiction no longer stands to marginalize so many people. It is our promise to continue providing care that aligns with person-centered values and genuine compassion for everyone we treat.

Hope’s Horizon is a Family-Focused Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Nottingham, Maryland. We currently offer three levels of care: Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization. We also provide medically-monitored on-site alcohol and benzodiazepine detoxification services, as well as medically-monitored suboxone maintenance. Call and speak with our staff to learn more.

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