Hope’s Horizon offers a six month program with several treatment options to accommodate each persons individual needs.

Clinical Assessments

Treatment at Hope’s Horizon begins with a full clinical assessment by a state-certified alcohol & drug counselor. During the assessment process, we will gain insight into the biomedical, sociological, and psychological history of the individual seeking treatment for their addiction. Based on the information provided to us during the assessment, our team will provide evaluation and offer the most appropriate level of services, which are aligned with the individual’s presenting needs.

Ambulatory Withdrawal Management

Alcohol & Benzodiazepine Detox

In many cases, the physical withdrawal symptoms experienced by those dependent on alcohol and/or benzodiazepenes require medical intervention and should not be done alone. A person struggling with a dependence on these substances will need a safe, comfortable environment, where their progress can be monitored by an experienced physician. Detoxification from alcohol and benzodiazepenes is individualized and can last from 7 to 21 days.

Following assessment, our staff will establish an individualized medication protocol for the individual in need. Patients admitted to our detox program remain on-site for several hours, so that our trained medical staff can monitor their symptoms and make as-needed adjustments to their medication regimen. In their detoxification process, someone may experience more severe withdrawal symptoms or present with heightened medical concerns. In these rare cases, our team will coordinate a referral to a higher level of care that is based on the presenting needs of the patient.  We value patient welfare in the highest regard.

Ambulatory Opiate Detox

Withdrawal from heroin, prescription pain medication, and other opiate substances can result in a wide range of physical discomfort for opiate-dependent individuals. Upon evaluation by our physician, a patient will engage in an individualized titration schedule best-suited to their needs. To ensure the utmost comfort and safety during this time, our nursing staff will assist our physician in the monitoring of withdrawal symptoms. Comfort medications may be used.

Opiate Maintenance

Suboxone maintenance is an option to minimize the possibility of relapse and is ideal for those who have had unsuccessful treatment attempts. Combined with therapy, Suboxone maintenance is an effective way for a person to calm physical and psychological withdrawal and maintain cravings. Once stabilized, the person is able to able to begin tending to their responsibilities and sober activities that promote long term recovery.

Vivitrol is another option for opiate maintenance. Vivitrol is administered once a month and is an effective alternative for those who do not want to take daily medications.

For information on medication assisted treatment click here.

DUI Education

Hope’s Horizon offers a 6 week, 12 hour DUI education course that is state certified and approved by the MVA. For information about cost and scheduling please call 443-725-4062 opt. #2.