Partial Hospitalization

Currently our highest level of care, Hope’s Horizon offers our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) to those patients with a higher potential for relapse. We refer to this as our Stabilization Phase. These individuals are often in need of more intense case management and medically-monitored treatment. In additional to weekly individual sessions with their Primary Counselor, patients enrolled in PHP  engage in 6-hours of daily group therapy, 7  days per week. Depending on individual needs, patients typically participate in this program for up to 3 weeks, before beginning treatment at the Intensive Outpatient level.

Group sessions within this level of care are highly-focused on the critical skills needed during the vulnerable stages of early recovery. These skills include identifying behavioral triggers and thought patterns, learning personal coping skills, social skills and implementing positive-reinforcement strategies that foster the continued motivation that is necessary to sustain long-term recovery.

*Recovery Housing is optional and strongly recommended at this level of care.*

Intensive Outpatient

For those needing additional structure and support in their early recovery, Hope’s Horizon offers an Intensive Outpatient program. In addition to biweekly meetings with their Primary Counselor, a patient engaged in IOP services will typically participate in 3-hour group sessions for three to five days per week.

Our Intensive Outpatient program offers a chance for a person to foster independence from their addiction; to cultivate a new-found sense of self. Our treatment philosophy upholds the evidence-based practices of the Matrix Model, which encourage positive change within the patient as a whole.

Group sessions offered in this level of care are centered in Relapse Prevention, and include topic-specific groups in these related areas: Vocational/Life Skills, Co-Occurring Disorders, Mindfulness, Interpersonal Relationships, Grief and Loss, Family Dynamics, Anger Management, Trauma, Health in Recovery, and 12-Step Exploration.

Traditional Outpatient

For patients without medical complications that are assessed at a lower risk for relapse and/or withdrawal, Hope’s Horizon offers our Traditional Outpatient program. In this level of care, a patient is evaluated to be relatively stable and in need of additional support while making the necessary changes in his or her life. Our Traditional Outpatient program offers a flexible schedule that includes a blend of up to 9 hours per week of group and individual counseling sessions. Morning and evening sessions are available.

3.1 Residential Program

This low intensity program continues to provide individual and group therapies but primarily focuses on assisting the patient with applying those recovery and emotional coping skills in the community and with family. For more information click here.